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.NET for Linux – How to enable .NET on Linux OS

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.NET for Linux is not less than a revolutionary step taken by Microsoft.

.NET for Linux was never available before. Linux is being loved by most of the developers, it’s time for these developers to get comfortable & start .NET experiments on their Linux OS. Now .NET Core is available for any platform, no matter, its Windows, MacOS, Linux or a television OS: Tizen by Samsung. The developers can write and run C# apps on Linux. Xamarin will be also supported by Linux. .NET Core is open source.

What are the supported Linux for .NET Core?

You can easily run .NET Core on a number of mostly used distributions of Linux including Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE, Oracle and Red Hat Enterprise. Installation procedure for each distribution of Linux is different from other.

Getting started with .NET

Check out the tutorials below:


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