We thought you are life savior but….The Truth about Doctors


We thought you are life savior but….

 The Islamic Republic State of Pakistan is facing a very critical situation in hospitals. Many patients die on daily basis, not because of their disease but the environment of hospitals,the behavior of staff, the attitude of doctors and pressure of arrangement of expenses force them to die. Interviewing any type of patient reveals the facts about condition & situation. The people of Pakistan blame doctors, staff of hospitals & the Government but blaming is not a solution.

The fact is, no one is willing to recognize his obligations but everyone is struggling to make money and save his public image by blaming others. If we look into the scenario, of course only the patient is getting nothing.The majority of the patients are being exploited.

The profession of a doctor is related to life. Of course, they can’t make dead people alive but at least they can struggle for the cure of disease. So, their role should be ideal in society. Unfortunately, our doctors don’t know the meaning of “ideal” word. They are unaware of personal life & circumstances of patients. The doctor thinks professionally but not as a human. A doctor has no concern with the patient or his family. He doesn’t care about how the patient is paying his fee.

The role of the government of Pakistan is not ideal but still the government of Pakistan is struggling to provide free medicines & health facilities in Civil Hospitals. This struggle is not beneficial at this time because the staff of Civil Hospitals is not willing to cooperate with patients. A lot of cases of selling “Not for Sale” medicines can be seen on daily basis in hospitals. The majority of doctors are equally involved in this corruption. If 2 tablets are needed, the doctor will write more quantity. The medical store salesman will keep the extra tablets in other packet and he will sell these tablets on his private medical stores or through other medical stores. The doctor gets his share of corruption from this salesman.

The government hospitals have machines for medical tests but sorry to say these machines are just for show off. Of course, these machines work, but according to medical staff, they need to be repaired unless some minister has to visit the hospital with VIP protocol. The doctor refers the patients to medical labs outside the hospital. These medical labs pay commission to each doctor for the referred patients. Medical lab receptionists ask you about the doctor who has referred you because if they will not write his name on the report, the doctor will not read your report. Either the doctor will ask to get new medical reports again due to some reason or he will make deal with another lab to refer his patients in future.

Some of the doctors call it “Haram” (forbidden) to get the commission from “Not for Sale” medicines or commission from clinical laboratories and medical tests. Let me tell you how they make it “Halal” (allowed). I’m going to propose a universal law for doctors which states as:

“A doctor doesn’t exist in Civil Hospitals except in attendance registers but it can be found in private clinics and private hospitals at any time”.

Some doctors are very sharp & technical minded & they know the magic of how to disappear from the Civil hospital for their private clinics. They become invisible when a patient arrives & visible when some VIP arrive.

With a big salary given by the government of Pakistan, the doctor hires a puppet who markets his private clinic. The doctor’s puppet available in Civil Hospitals tells the patient, there is no facility available in Civil Hospital & the doctor will also not check well, you should go to his private clinic. The puppet makes the mind of the patient and the patient goes to private clinic of the doctor where he pays a huge fee to the doctor for the checkup. These doctors do not get the commission from medical stores or clinical laboratories, but they have their own clinical laboratories & medical stores in their clinics. In short, the patient is being fooled here as well.

From my personal experience, a doctor asked me for a big list of medical tests from his lab in his clinic. I paid a big amount and got the report. When I presented the report to the doctor, he did not give a single look to report & gave me the prescription to buy medicine from his medical store. Well done doctor! you are a genius businessman. Why don’t you get MBA degree to legalize yourself in business as well?

I can’t forget the statement of a doctor who said, “A patient is nothing for us, just a client. We don’t have any relation with him then why we take tension or stress? Many people die daily…”.

Well ! Great answer Mr. Doctor, I don’t want to expose your names, otherwise this nation will ruin you. They will not let you live.

It is very easy for the majority of doctors to say “Sorry, we can’t save him”. I don’t know why do they cry when their mother dies or their wife dies or their child dies? Why? You are a businessman, the dying person supported your profession and benefited you. He increased your demand in the market, then why do you cry? Come on! Cheers! you earned something big.

Well ! Criticism should be taken in positive meaning. I recommend all the people, who are struggling to become doctors, to be good human beings first. Becoming human is more important than to be a doctor. A good human can heal patient by using his words and behavior, of course, some diseases are not curable without medicines but it is your duty to give the best recommendation to your patients (best for patients, not for your business). If you think humanly, Allah will give you more and solve your problems. We are Pakistani & health is the basic & necessary unit for all living people. Do the things that glorify you and country. Treat the people as human.

Written By Arslan ud Din Shafiq

Dated: December 12, 2016.

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