50 Tips to Enjoy a Long Healthy Life with Safety


Life is all about moving forward regardless of how successful you are or not.  If you are not known to this sort of habit then better make it a habit. The truth about life is whether you are happy or regretting at something, life won’t stops. Most of the people of the world just close their eyes of everything and keeps on blaming to them and others but this is not the right way. Just enjoy every moment of it.

We are living in an age where normal age of a person is at its peak comparing to what we have back in 18th and 19th centuries. But the regretful context is that now we don’t want to live. We have hatred in our hearts for each other.

Here are presented some tips to have a long healthy life with safety…

1 The Stress is killer

It is one of those few negative things which make our life miserable and we want to end it. It is now part of our routine. We have to make sure that it reaches away from limit when there is no point of return.

2 Spirituality is Necessary

The peace is one the main asking of human. But more often, man has to pay a lot of price to get it. By having our mind towards spiritualty, like offering prayers or anything which relaxes you, make it a habit you will get peace.

3 The Relationships

The loneliness and isolation makes a man aged even before its age. Make relations with new people and enjoy the old ones. It will make you more efficient and full of life.

4 The Nutrition

A healthy diet leads to a healthy mind and body. Make sure you eat healthy and then stay healthy. Eat the food you love but be careful about its quantity though.

5 Have a good sleep

People especially of the younger age ruin their life by spoiling their routine. They remain wake up till late night and dreams of when the time comes to work. This in turns effect their brain and overall health. It is the enigma of society.

6 Exercise is Life

Moving your body especially early in the morning has the best possible effects on you. It is the natural remedy and curing for many worse diseases. Morning walk and exercise is the secret of healthy life.

7 Think Positive

It is you can say a disease spread across the world that our first impression about everything is negative. Just be positive about the things happening to you and keep on moving forward. This will take away your false thoughts and increase your love with others.

8 Smoking Kills

Everyone in this world understands that smoking is injurious to health but no one is taking a vow to stop it and just keeps on destroying the life. It has not only bad effects on you but also on the other peoples who are near to you.

9 Blood Pressure

This is very common in every society and the rise of it is just due to the fact that we do not have affection and love of others. We take everything as negative that ultimately led towards hypertension. This can be controlled only if you wish to control it.

10 Talk Positive with yourself

When you wake up in the morning, you have so much things going in your mind about what will happen or you are just concern about your tensions and problems. Just take it lightly by talking to yourself that this is going to be the best day of your life. There is nothing in the world you can’t do.

11 Help others

Helping others actually gave happiness and satisfaction to you so try to help others in their matters. Not only it will give to internal peace but also you will have your place in other’s hearts.

12 Walk and Walk

One of the secret to have a long healthy life is walking. When you walk, your metabolic rate becomes higher and your whole body muscles operate.

13 Go for Hiking

Hiking is medically proven for the increase in man’s life. It has been said that it adds 1.6 to 4 years to a man and up to 2.5 years to a woman life.

14 Use your Brain

It has been seen that people don’t have mental health because they don’t play physical games of any kind. The surveys have shown that mind activeness leads to a successful and healthy life.

15 Creativity

Use your skill of creativity to just relax. Give time to yourself by doing some creative tasks. Those who have higher sense of creativity have reduced their mortality rate by 12 percent so it is a life giving thing.

16 Live a Purposeful Life

Most of us are just the horses of the race and we don’t know where we are heading. The purpose of life is nothing so will to live is small. Have a purposeful life because it gives you the strength of living because you wanted to live to achieve what you want.

17 Eat nuts

Nuts have the capability to add something in your life. The people who eat nuts have 39 percent les risk of early death and the walnut eaters have 45 percent less risk of early deaths.

18 Give time to yourself

Just don’t be forgetful about yourself. Give time to you and think about what you want, what will be the struggles and how to get your goals.

19 Yoga

Yoga experts have usually long life. There are some brilliant benefits to hitting the mat, including the removal of stress and anxiety. Yoga also leads to the increase flexibility.

20 Have an Optimism

Try to have an optimistic approach but not be too optimistic as the excess of everything is bad. Be easy going and optimistic. Over optimism will deplete your courage to face future.

21 Should Marry

It is really nice to be married when the age comes. It stops you from doing foolish and makes a sense of responsibility in you. This will increase love and affection.

22 Go for Cycling

Cycling is now being depleted slowly and gradually but nobody can deny its importance to our physical and mental health.  Physical activity is always good irrespective of genders.

23 Eat Fiber

The recent researches shows that eating food full of fiber could help saving from early deaths from heart diseases, infections and respiratory illness among men and women.

24 Have a family of yours

The best feeling in the world might be having kids and becoming parents. Just involve yourself in their affairs and stop worrying about the rest of the world.

25 Healthy Changes make Health You

There is always a room for betterment available. So hope to make good changes to ensure the best of you and your family. Adjust your daily routine and habits accordingly. It will help in removing high risk age diseases.

26 Hang out

Make a habit of hanging out with friends and relatives that will make you stay away from Alzheimer’s disease. It will also refresh your mind and body so you can capitalize on your positive thoughts.

27 Have an Insurance

This is nice to have a life insurance which will make you feel safer and good about your future so you will be able to enjoy the present without having worries about the future of your family but do choose the insurance plan wisely.

28 Home Sweet Home

There is no place like home so if you don’t have a house yet then try to have one. It is a great feeling to have your own roof and you can feel much better and safer in it.

29 Decorate Home

If you possess the talent or have the hobby of decorating then do apply it to your house because it always feel beautiful to have the your own house as the castle of your dreams.

30 Leased Homes

If you don’t have your own house then you lease it on rent. If you won’t have the money to lease it then you can also get loans which are very easy to pay just like in United Kingdom. They are just like paying rent. There is no pressure to return loans but it doesn’t means that you won’t have to return it.

31 Have Vitamins

Vitamins are essential components of the body and the research have shown that lacking them has a detrimental effect on lifespan. The daily quantity of them should be consult with a doctor before taking.

32 Be Busy

Always look forward to do something or work on something. Don’t ever waste your time or try to be free maximum time. Keeping yourself busy helps you things done in the time and you feel good about it.

32 Do some gardening

Gardening is a calming sort of activity and has an impact on health. It doesn’t requires any extensive physical activity and it helps you to get close to the nature. It can also provide a steady stream of homegrown fresh produce.

33 Keep Smiling

Not only the optimistic spirit but also the smile helps you going for it. The feeling of the winning smile has the taste above all. The actual size of your smile might make a difference.

34 Go to Gym

Feeling a bit stressed then gym is the best place to release your stress. The WHO has recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week and gym allows to do that in the best way.

35 Aim the Financial Stability

The financial stability is perhaps the dream of every person in this world. Financial stress can also lead to poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, eating too much junk food and excessive alcohol intake. This all adds up to a shorter life.

36 Keep on Working Hard

It will help you keeping the pace of the world or perhaps surpass it. It makes you believe that you are just there. Hard work can extend your life by average two years.

37 Explore the World

If you get the opportunity to travel then do travel by taking your all problems and thoughts put aside. If you travel for nothing then still it teaches you a lot of things.

38 Believe in Yourself

This is what the modern generation is lacking. They are just criticizing the world for everything and blame it but not look upon their selves that they are the ones to change this world into a better place.

39 Loose your Weight

Over weight is an illness and pretty common round the globe. It can be cured but it requires the internal strength for doing that.

40 Take Stairs Regularly

Taking stairs is a brilliant exercise and it may save your life. It helps in reducing the dangers of heart problems. It improves lung capacity and blood pressure.

41 Avoid Rough Sports

Keeping active will prolong life — but high-contact sports are the exception.  Repeated collisions and injuries may have long-lasting, detrimental effects.

42 Learn From the past

It is very important to learn from the past but not to stay in the past. Most people destroy their lives by staying in the past unknowing about the fact the life never stops.

43 Eager to Learn

Show eagerness to learn new things like new language or whatever but it will make you thirsty for learning and will make you a better human being.

44 Have social interactions

An introvert personality doesn’t really help you. Make social relations so that your personality can be developed.

45 Make you Volunteer

Always look for a job to be completed by you. It makes you internally satisfied that you have completed a job on your own so you start feeling confident about yourself.

46 Love to take Challenges

Challenges are the real force of life and you have to face them on every stage of your life but better to welcome them with open heart telling them I am here for you.

47 Cry

Sometimes, crying can helps you if you have faced a terrible loss so it can make you feel much better and lighter.

48 Say no to Alcohol

Like the smoking, alcohol is even more dangerous for you. In fact all the drugs are the source of dishonesty with your body. Say good bye or just bye to it and make your life more comfortable.

49 No excessive sugar

The whole world is just crazy about sugar knowing the fact that everything is good inside limit and it also leads towards diabetes if not controlled because sugar seems to be in everything.

50 No eating above limit

It is advised to have your stomach 805 full and the remaining should be empty but this is not the case with people, they seem to go crazy about it.

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