20 Facts about Samsung Mobiles


Samsung ’s success in the field of electronics and telecom has been tremendous from the past few years. They have made their mark in the world and rapidly progressing. It has becoming one of the largest smart phone manufacturing companies in the world with the passage of time. It is company based in Korea but now rules its field all over the world competing with Apple.

It went a huge modernization in 1990’s with the basic focus on quality. Right now, the company’s growth is brilliant and the potential is getting higher and higher. It started in 1938 an since then it has undergoes many transformations and changings. It has the knack of shocking the world with its great ideas and innovations.

Here are mentioned some interesting facts about Samsung and its technologies…

  • Samsung was the first company in the world to introduce a phone watch and MP3 phone back in 1999.
  • Its smartphones are at number three spot regarding the smartphone sales in the world.
  • Samsung always wanted to ensure quality of its products. This is the reason why its 90% products are manufactured within its own factory.
  • Talking about its success, it was ranked at number 9 globally in 2012 among the list of most valuable brands.
  • Samsung smartphones has a big share in the market as its phones cover one third of the world market.
  • DRAM is a type of memory which is used for processors to work efficiently and interestingly, 70% of the smartphones in the world use DRAM made by Samsung.
  • Samsung is the name of innovation and in smartphone technologies; it has created a new category of mobile phone devices.
  • It had the highest share of smartphones shipped in 2015 which was 325 million.
  • It has the honor to release a mobile phone in the market that utilizes the CDMA technology.
  • It is the first brand in the world that jumps into the field of smartphones long before IOS and Androids came in the market. It was the first PDA phone with the color display.
  • In the year 2011, Samsung overtook Apple as the world’s largest smartphone maker.
  • Samsung is devoted to protect environment and since 2013, 100% of its products have the environmental certifications
  • Samsung TV’s are the craze of the world as the recent stats shows that every minute 100 of its TV’s are sold in the world.
  • Samsung is devoted to Research and Development to ensure quality therefore; it has developed 33 R&D centers round the globe.
  • Samsung Electronic has 370,000 employees round the globe which is far more than its competitors like Apple etc.
  • Samsung Electronics sales in 2011 were $179 billion and Apple sales were $ 128 billion in the same year.
  • Samsung has wide range of products under the smartphone brand. According to website, it has 145 cell phone products.
  • It has the advantage over Apple that Galaxy phones can be used to make payments at any store by Samsung Pay.
  • The new Samsung smartphones can be charged wirelessly while Apple can only be charged by plugging in.
  • The camera can be launched on Galaxy S6 and S7 edge by just double tapping the home button. No such features exist in its competitors.

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