20 Facts you must UNDERSTAND before Buying Insurance from any Company


Life insurance is just about making the right decisions at the right time and if you don’t than it has of no worth really. What often said about life insurance is that it contains all the essential elements in it that leads to poor decision making. When we heard about life insurance, the first question arises that what life insurance really is.

The answer is quite simple that basically it is an agreement between an insurance provider and insurance buyer in which he or she accepted to pay some amount as per insurance plan and upon the death of that person, his family gets the insurance money with bonuses so, it is basically about the well-being of your family. There are different types of life insurance not only the one described previously. What has been seen that people not knowing different aspects about it, they start buying insurance policies which is not true. They need to consider every aspect of it before buying an insurance policy.

Here are presented some facts about it….

  • The people are willing to buy insurance policies more and more in US. The need of insurance policy is clear from the fact that between age group of 45-50, the average mortgage debt is more than $210,000.
  • The American adults seem to be fond of insurances as the average amount of insurance coverage from them comes out to be $170,000.
  • A recent survey in America shows that more than 60% of US people are interested in buying insurance policies, huge numbers really.
  • Insurance also helps in the household things but three out of ten of them have no insurance policy putting their future at stake.
  • Many houses in the world has only one wage earner and if something happens to that person, the whole family future will be at stake so they need to have life insurance policies in order to secure their future.
  • In US, mortgage debts are big problem and more than 20% American policy holders are having insurances just to pay their mortgage debts.
  • Current surveys have shown that one out of every four persons needs more life insurances than to what they already have.
  • The overestimation of insurance is a big problem and in US, 8 out 10 have this problem. They just overestimate the true cost of life insurance.
  • One big success came in the year 2015 when more than 130 million Americans out of 320 million got relied on the insurances to avoid any sort of financial issues.
  • People are just getting fond of life insurances and all its sub-types. The average benefits paid by life insurance companies in the year 2013 were almost $550,000,000.
  • The two of the largest issues for the common person in the world is bills payment and the life after retirement. That’s where the insurance comes in to keep the life light on for you.
  • Priority wise, Life insurance falls at number seven which is not a bad number. It means that life insurance is now becoming an integral part of people lives.
  • The expenditure of different kind is rising day by day due to the rise of inflation. The job insurance plan helps you to avoid this sort of problem and helps your life runs smoothly.
  • One of the main reasons that people not buy an insurance policy is the perceived cost which needed to be sort out.
  • The main reason to buy life insurance by people is to have an income replacement, mortgage debts and the total expenses.
  • People need to know about the discount offered in life insurances. Sometimes, you are eligible for a particular discount offer but you don’t apply for it just due to lack of awareness.
  • One thing needed to be clear is that insurance is for avoiding any sort of risk but people usually takes it as an investment.
  • Life insurance is a form of compensation for the loss you face not anything more then that.
  • Once you applied for it, at best you can get inside 14 days. If you have some other issues like health issues then the procedure may takes a little more time.
  • The insurance is a kind of protection to something devastated. If you have faced that sort of thing then it is important to file your claim in a judicious way otherwise, you may face problematic circumstances.


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