20 Facts Why Health Insurance Is Important



There are a lot of facts about health insurance, we will discuss 20 facts that can provide you beneficial knowledge about health insurance.

Health is a gift of Heaven to us whether mental or physical. A healthy everything is needed to survive in this ever changing world. A good healthy mind and body is a key to success in life. When you are healthy, you feel good and confident about everything even of your daily routine tasks.

Now, talking about health insurance; one need to know about what health insurance really is. The answer to this question lies here.

It is the type of insurance that pays every health bill of a person. Obliviously, there are many types of this insurance available and depends upon the common man that which particular type is being chosen.

Following are the types of health insurance plans:

  • Government Health Plan
  • Group Health Plan
  • Worker Health Plan
  • Individual Health Plan

Now, we come up to the facts about the importance of the health plans.

  • Health importance can be known from the fact that in two of the US states i.e. Miami and Minneapolis, the difference of expenditure on health is 70%.
  • Talking about the US in general, since 1980, the health expenditure is more than doubled for a common man so the need is automatically shifted towards health insurance.
  • Considering the need of employees in the US, the conventional health insurance plans have been discouraged. So, the trend is shifting towards modernized health insurance plans. For the later one, it has been gradually declining.
  • Talking about the private sectors, more than fifty percent of employees in the US are offered health insurance plans so the need is encouraging.
  • God forbade, major health crisis can occur to any person and the expenditure on health issues is also much higher round the globe and that’s where health insurance comes in.
  • One important prospect about health insurance is that people usually buys the insurance but don’t consider their exact needs. They are not sure about which one to buy so the research work is completely necessary.
  • If you want health insurance for a group or company then government facilitated insurance is perfect as it caters to exactly 50 employees at a time.
  • The government health insurance plan for small business usually has the advantage that it offers tax subsidies to the customers. It also offers dental insurance option to the clients.
  • The private insurance provider companies claims that they are open for every kind of insurance and for every sort of people but they do have their own pros and cons.
  • For employees to get the health insurance policy, it has been seen that it lifts the health expenditure heavily from the employee.
  • The requirements for the people in US to get health insurance are quite simple like you should have the nationality of US etc. Obliviously the native US citizen have the nationality that’s why he or she is called as US citizen.
  • In US, from 1970’s till yet, the spending on health care is increased creating problems for a common person i.e. $146 per annum to $9500 per annum.
  • A recent survey in the US shows some alarming aspects of the health expenditures. It narrates that the daily charge of common hospital room is ranging from $800 to $3000 and the average comes out to be $1800.
  • In the developed nations, the wealth is calculated by the amount that country expends on its citizen on health sector until the GDP reaches $60000 to $70000 per person.
  • There are many health insurance plans available who can’t deny any plans having the condition of diabetes or cancer etc. This is a good positive sign for the health insurance seekers.
  • The student health plans are also available for students having the specialty that they are low cost and having easy pay mechanism.
  • One interesting fact about US health care system is that if that system would be a country, it would have been the 3rd largest economy in the world.
  • The encouraging factor continues for insurance in the health sector and that is the ambulance industry in the US makes more money a year then the whole Hollywood.
  • The hospital industry throughout the world is progressing rapidly and their accounts are getting bigger and bigger day by day. The only one who suffers is the patient so have a proper health insurance plan and make your issues sorted out.
  • The average family of 4 person spend about $20000 a year on health issues which is almost 7 times bigger than the complete household expenditures which comes out to be only $3000 approx.


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